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Community policy

Combating hate, harassment and discrimination

We want our Hosts and guests to have stays and Experiences free from harassment and discrimination.

What we don’t allow

  • Bullying and harassment: No one should be subjected to unwanted behaviour, such as bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or stalking.
  • Discriminatory refusal of service: Hosts may not refuse service to a guest because the guest belongs to a group or category, like race or religion, as explained in our Anti-Discrimination Policy.
  • Discriminatory differential treatment: Hosts should not apply different treatment, rules, or behaviour to a guest because of the guest’s membership in a protected class.
  • Dangerous speech: No one should be subjected to language that calls for harm, dehumanises or claims an individual is a threat or physical danger to others because that individual belongs to a protected class.
  • Slurs, hate speech or derogatory language: No one should be subjected to prejudicial language related to another individual’s membership in a protected class, such as expressions of contempt, disgust, or physical, mental or moral deficiencies.
  • Deadnaming or misgendering: Individuals who identify as transgender should not be referred to by their pre-transition name or pronouns if they inform others that they use different ones post-transition.
  • Coded language or microaggressions: No one should be targeted with phrases that are deeply rooted societal stereotypes based on membership in a protected class.
  • Hateful, discriminatory or offensive images, symbols or objects: No one should be subjected to images that denigrate a religion or a culture, images that contain derogatory/coded language, or symbols, logos or slogans tied to extremist or hate groups.

We're here to help

If you witness or experience behaviour that goes against our policies, please let us know.

While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on Airbnb’s community policies.

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