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Adding Co-Hosts to your listing

If you need a little extra support hosting your space, you can add a family member, friend, neighbour or trusted person you’ve hired to help with the logistics.

You can select permissions for each co-Host to limit what they can access and manage on your listing. Learn more about how co-Host permissions work.

How to invite a new co-Host and choose permissions

To add a new co-Host to your listing:

  1. Go to Listings and select the applicable listing
  2. Click co-Hosts and select Invite a co-Host
  3. Add their country/region and phone number or email address and click Next
  4. Select the permissions that are right for this co-Host and click Next
  5. Add a note if you’d like and click Next
  6. Make sure it’s all correct and click Send

Note: Hosts, or full access co-Hosts, are responsible for ensuring that co-Hosts have consented to receive invites by text or email. Know that only registered Airbnb users can receive invites by text and that depending on your or your co-Host’s location or account settings, sending invitations by text may not be possible.

You can invite up to 10 Co-Hosts per listing. By adding Co-Hosts, you agree to the Co-Host Additional Terms of Service.

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