Experience Protection Insurance

For most experiences, Airbnb provides experience hosts with free liability insurance of up to $1 million USD to protect against personal injury or property damage claims.
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Covers most experiences—for free
Our Experience Protection Insurance provides hosts with primary coverage against liability claims of up to $1 million USD in the rare event a third party suffers bodily injury or property damage during an experience. Coverage eligibility depends on the type of experience you are hosting, and you can learn more here.
Protection against the unexpected
As you share unique local experiences with your guests, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. Though negative incidents are extremely rare, Experience Protection Insurance provides hosts and guests with added peace of mind.

We’re there for you with our Experience Protection Insurance

We’re committed to creating a safe and trusted community around the world.
What’s covered?
    This coverage is subject to conditions and limitations, and certain exclusions may apply.
      Our Experience Protection Insurance provides coverage through a policy issued by a Lloyd’s of London participating insurer for the United States, Canada, and South Africa. Coverage for the other countries is provided by Zurich Insurance plc. In some jurisdictions, including Kenya and South Korea, where a locally issued policy is required, coverage may be provided by a Zurich partner company.
            What’s not covered?
              Our Experience Protection Insurance programme does not apply to all liability or cover all types of experiences.
                Examples of what’s not covered include:
                • Car accidents
                • Property damage due to things like mould or pollution
                • Something done intentionally (not an accident)
                  For more information about what our Experience Protection Insurance covers and doesn’t cover, visit our Help Center.
                    You can also download a comprehensive programme summary.
                    Need to file a claim?
                    Please contact us and we’ll connect you with our third-party claims administrator.
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