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Adjust when smart lock codes are active

Early check-in, late checkout, a little extra time to make sure your guests don’t get locked out—you’re doing your part as a fantastic Host. With your smart lock connected to Airbnb, it’s easy to offer this flexibility for your guests, while also maintaining security for your space.

Adjusting the check-in or checkout time for your smart lock

You can change the check-in and checkout times for individual reservations so that your guests’ codes are active during their entire stay. When you update a guest’s check-in or checkout time, we’ll let them know that it’s changed.

Tip: You can change the check-in or checkout time directly from your messages with a guest or from the reservation details page.

Adjusting when smart lock codes expire

You can choose how long after checkout your guests’ codes expire to give them a little extra time. The default setting is for guests’ codes to expire 30 minutes after checkout. You can adjust this so that guests’ codes stay active from 15 minutes to 2 hours past your listing’s checkout time. Don’t worry: This extra time will never be shown to your guests.

Keep in mind that the extra time you choose applies to all reservations. If you only want the guest’s code for an individual reservation to be active outside of your listing’s check-in or checkout time, you’ll need to adjust the reservation’s check-in or checkout time.

Change when smart lock codes are active for early check-in or late checkout

  1. Go to your Reservations
  2. Click Upcoming to find upcoming reservations or click Currently hosting to find active reservations
  3. Select the reservation you’d like to change
  4. Next to Check-in or Checkout, click Edit
  5. Choose a new time and click Save

Note: You won’t be able to select a new check-in or checkout time that overlaps with another reservation’s check-in or checkout time.

Change when smart lock codes expire after checkout

  1. Go to Listings and select the applicable listing
  2. Click Arrival guide and click Check-in method
  3. Click the Code expires section
  4. Select a buffer time and click Save

Connecting your smart lock to Airbnb is only available to certain Hosts with listings in the US or Canada. Find out more about which Hosts are eligible to connect a smart lock to Airbnb.

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