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Preparing your listing with safety essentials

According to the CDC, carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm is a simple step that can save lives. For active Airbnb Hosts that qualify, you can sign up for a free alarm above.

Carbon monoxide safety

We ask that all listings be equipped with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms if the listings have fuel-burning devices. For active Airbnb Hosts, Airbnb will cover the cost of a carbon monoxide alarm (Hosts will be responsible for any custom taxes).

What you need to know about carbon monoxide safety
Install a carbon monoxide alarm—and update your listing to inform guests.

Home safety: Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
Hosts are encouraged to install carbon monoxide alarms in their space. Find out more about our home safety programme.

Airbnb’s Free CO/Smoke alarm programme details
Read on to learn more about our free CO/Smoke alarm programme.

Disclosing safety information to guests

Make sure your listings are updated to accurately reflect the safety features included, so your guests know what to expect.

Safety information on listings
Safety is one of our top priorities. To help prevent surprises and ensure transparency, we ask that Hosts welcome guests responsibly by completing all safety and accessibility sections.

General safety tips

Keep these helpful tips in mind to help reduce risks to you and your guests.

Safety tips for Hosts of places to stay
Get information on hosting responsibilities, along with best practices, in order to make sure your guests have the info and resources they need.

Tips on liquified petroleum (LP) gas safety
Get tips that can help you prevent safety incidents related to liquified petroleum (LP) gas leaks.

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