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Refunds in India

Are you expecting a refund due to a cancellation in India? Just be aware local credit card policies may affect when and how you get your refund.

Automatic refund if your trip request is declined or expires

Indian credit cards require two-factor authentication, so guests residing in India are charged for the full cost of the reservation when they submit a trip request. Once you’ve booked, we’re unable to change your payment method.

If the Host doesn’t accept your request or it expires, you’ll be refunded in full. We'll initiate the refund immediately, and you'll get it as soon as your bank or payment method provider has processed the refund. 

Some banks and payment providers can take up to 15 business days to complete processing. If your refund hasn’t come through yet, it's probably on its way. 

Refunds if you accidentally double-booked

If you submitted multiple trip requests for the same dates and they were confirmed, the reservations aren’t automatically eligible for a refund. They’re still subject to the Host’s cancellation policy.

You can learn how to change the dates for a reservation or you can find out how to ask your Host if they’d be willing to give you a refund, outside of their cancellation policy.

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