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Why a reservation is missing from my software

Airbnb sends reservations directly to your software. Normally this happens instantly, but sometimes this can take a few hours. If a reservation is still missing from your software for longer than that, you should confirm if the listing was connected to your software at the time of booking.

To confirm a listing connection, log in to your Airbnb account using a desktop computer or the web browser of your mobile device. This feature isn’t available using the Airbnb app.

  1. Go to Listings
  2. Review the Sync Status column
  3. The listing should display Connected

If your listing isn’t connected, follow these directions to connect the listing.

If your listing seems to be connected, contact your software provider’s technical support team. Tell them about the missing reservation so they can help you confirm if your listing was connected to your software at the time of the booking. If necessary, they’ll contact Airbnb's Technical Support team for further investigation.

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