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I received extra payouts. What should I do?

First, check for an email with information specific to your host account. Please know we’re sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope the information below is helpful.

How to know if you received extra payouts

You’ll get an email from Airbnb including the amount you were overpaid.

What to do

There’s nothing you need to do. The amount you were overpaid will be automatically deducted from your future payout(s).

When the payouts were sent

Extra payouts were sent between November 5-November 12, 2019 and will show up under Completed Payouts in your Transaction History. Depending on the processing time for the payout method you’re using, keep in mind sometimes payouts arrive on your end on a different date than the date in the Transaction History, which is when we sent the payout.

How can I find the extra payout(s) in my host account?

Start by going to your Transaction History and follow these steps:

  • Go to your Completed Payouts
  • Identify two or more individual payout line items sent between November 5-Nov 12, 2019—for example, you may find two payouts with the same reservation number(s).
  • Payouts for the same reason may have been sent a few days apart.
  • It’s possible that you received two or more payouts for the same reason.
  • Even though payouts are for the same reason, they could be for slightly different amounts. Here’s why this can happen:
    • Foreign exchange rates change on a daily basis
    • Sometimes payouts are grouped together, and you may need to expand a single payout row to review individual payout line item(s).

How can I find deductions related to extra payouts?

When we make a deduction to recover the amount you were overpaid, you’ll keep the most recent payout, and we’ll automatically deduct the amount overpaid for any other payouts we sent for the same reason—the ones that were sent earlier.

To find the deduction, look for another line item in your Transaction History with the same reason code as the payout issued multiple times—except this time, the amount issued will be negative to reflect a deduction.

Deductions will show up under Upcoming Payouts if they haven’t been made yet, and they’ll show up under Completed Payouts if the adjustment was already made.

How deductions work

Deductions for extra payouts will be listed as resolution adjustments in your Transaction History. Here’s what to know:

  • The earliest you’ll find deductions related to extra payouts is November 19, 2019.
  • In order to recover the total amount you were overpaid, deductions may be made to more than one of your future payouts.
  • A deduction will not always stand alone as an individual transaction in your Transaction History. In some cases, it may be grouped as part of a larger payout—try expanding the row if you can’t find it in your Completed Payouts.

What to do if you don’t have upcoming payouts

If you’re not currently expecting upcoming payouts, that’s ok—the deduction will happen automatically whenever your next payout is scheduled, even if it’s not for a while.

Why you received extra payouts

This happened because of a payment processing error we’ve now resolved.

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