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What should I do if I receive an alert that an employee’s work email address is unconfirmed?

When an employee leaves your company, the work email address associated with their Airbnb account may no longer accept incoming emails. If we receive a bounced email from one of your travelers, we’ll notify you. You can then review any reservations they've charged to your company and take action where necessary.

Sometimes there are situations where an employee’s email address might change due to a marital name change, branding changes, etc. In this case, they may still be a valid member of your Airbnb for Work program, so double-check before removing them from your dashboard.

To review employees whose work email addresses are unconfirmed:

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to your Airbnb for Work dashboard
  2. Click the notifications icon in the navigation bar
  3. Under Pending employee requests, click Unconfirmed employees

You can then review all employees whose email addresses are unconfirmed, and cancel any upcoming trips that former employees may have charged to your company.

Find out how to cancel a trip of a former employee or how to remove a former employee from your Airbnb for Work program.

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