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When a reservation is 'not possible'

As a Host, you may get a trip request that’s marked “not possible”.

Why this happens

“Not possible” appears when a guest has sent an enquiry or trip request for dates that were once available, but are no longer available, because:

  • Another reservation overlaps with some or all of the dates that the guest enquired about or requested
  • Some or all of the dates are now blocked on your calendar
  • Availability settings (e.g. preparation time, advance notice or minimum/maximum date settings) may interfere with a trip request
  • Airbnb can block your calendar if you haven’t provided all the information required for your account

What you can do

If you’d like, you can update your availability settings or unblock dates on your calendar. Read more about updating your Host calendar or helping a guest book your place on available dates.

Otherwise, as a Host, you don’t have to do anything when a reservation is no longer possible. We’ll tell the potential guest that the dates can’t be booked.

If guests can’t book your listing

Sometimes a guest can’t book your listing because the dates are no longer available, but there are some other reasons they might be having trouble. Check out our tips for guests who can’t make a reservation.

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