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What are my choices to sync listings through software?

There are two ways to connect the listings in your property management system (PMS) or channel manager (CM) to Airbnb: syncing everything or only syncing pricing and availability. You can change your sync settings through your PMS/CM software or using Airbnb.

    Sync everything

    With this option, you can send all listing details from your software by syncing everything to Airbnb. Any updates made to new listings through your software will be automatically updated on Airbnb.

    Sync pricing and availability

    This approach lets you sync pricing and availability data from your software. With a pricing and availability sync, you can add listing content and booking settings directly on the Airbnb site, which allows you to create and maintain content that’s tailored to the Airbnb experience.

    Hosts can override their listing details, discounts, additional fees, taxes, booking settings, and availability settings by making changes to their listings directly on Airbnb. Hosts can be reminded where they made their last edit by hovering over the clock icon next to the listing field.

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