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What can I expect during my professional photoshoot?

Your photographer will start by walking through your space and they may recommend some light adjustments (pillows fluffed, toilet seats down). Make sure your space is photoshoot-ready before they show up. Learn how to prepare for your shoot.

The amount of time a photoshoot takes depends on the size of your space. By preparing your space before the photographer arrives, you’ll get the most out of your shoot.

Keep in mind that photographers will only shoot the number of rooms that you included in your request. For example, if you request a photoshoot for a 3 bedroom house and you have 7 bedrooms, the photographer will only shoot 3 bedrooms.

Once your space is ready, the photographer will set up their equipment and start taking photos.

Here are some additional things to know about our photographers and their process:


We find local, qualified photographers who have experience with interior photography. We review their portfolios, and if we think they’re a good fit, a member of our team reviews their qualifications, interviews them, and confirms that they’ve completed the Airbnb ID verification process (you'll find an Airbnb photographer label on their profile, under Verified Info).

Also, photographers are given specific instructions for how to conduct the shoot.

Photography style

Photos highlight what makes your home beautiful and unique, while helping to set your guests’ expectations. To make sure photos accurately represent your home, our photographers follow a set of specific guidelines during the shoot.

Photographers will not use:

  • Fish eye or super wide angle lenses to make rooms appear larger than they really are.
  • Flashes to enhance the brightness of the space.
  • Over-processing to unnaturally amplify details. This means that they’re usually unable to take photographs that capture views outside of windows.
  • Unusual angles that wouldn’t be seen by someone standing normally in the space.

To ensure that photos use only natural lighting, we’ll only schedule photoshoots for daylight hours. You can always take your own photos during sunrise, sunset, or at night, and upload them to your listing.

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    Paying for your photo shoot

    We’ll subtract the cost of your photo shoot from the next payout you receive from any of your listings.
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    Preparing for your photo shoot

    Clean, tidy and organise your space to make the best impression on potential guests. Your photographer may recommend some light adjustments.
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    Photo reshoots

    We only offer one professional photo shoot for each listing. The shoot can’t be cancelled or refunded after it begins.
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