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How reviews are ranked

Wondering what determines the order of reviews? Here are a few ways reviews might be sorted.

When reviews aren’t shown in order

When someone browses your listing, reviews are ordered based on several factors that are relevant or helpful for guests, including things like:

  • How recent the review is
  • The language of the review
  • The country where the reviewer lives
  • The length of the review
  • The guest's search filters

For example, if a French traveler browses your listing, recent reviews written in French or by French guests will be shown first. If a guest searches for monthly stays, reviews from guests who stayed longer than 28 nights will generally be shown first. This helps guests find reviews that are relevant to them so they can decide if your listing is a good fit.

Find more info about written reviews for stays and Experiences. You can also learn about how star ratings work.

Sorting in chronological order

If guests prefer, they have the option to sort by the most recent reviews. However, even though a newer review might not show at the top of your listing page, all the reviews are still available for potential guests.

Sort reviews

  1. Click the listing you're interested in
  2. Click Reviews
  3. Click to sort by Most recentHighest rated, or Lowest rated
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