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What is Experience Protection Insurance?

Experience Protection Insurance is primary liability insurance coverage for Experience hosts’ liability to a third party in the event a guest or other third-party suffers bodily injury or property damage during an experience. The coverage is for up to $1 million USD per experience, and coverage eligibility depends on the type of experience. Guests are subject to a separate $1 million USD aggregate cap during the policy term, and certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. Learn more about the program

Here are some examples of what the Experience Protection Insurance program should cover:

  • A guest breaks their wrist after falling off a bike during a city tour and makes a claim against the experience host for the injury.
  • A guest in a cooking class accidentally starts a grease fire, which sets off the fire sprinkler system. The fire and water damage part of the restaurant that the experience host used to host the class. The landlord of the restaurant brings a claim for damage against the experience host.

Our Experience Protection Insurance program does not apply to all liability or cover all types of experiences.

Here are some examples of what’s not covered by Experience Protection Insurance:

  • Car accidents
  • Property damage from things like mold or pollution
  • Something that was done intentionally

For more information, download the comprehensive program summary.

If you need to file a claim, please contact us and we’ll connect you with our claims administrator.

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