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Parko Falirou

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Greek Restaurant
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“One of the best profiterole. Always fresh. They prepare it in front of you.”
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Point of Interest
“The Halil Bey Mosque is located at the centre of the peninsula, near the Castle and on roads that lead to the acropolis and the gates of the peninsula walls. It is believed that the mosque was built during the reconstruction of the town, in around 1530. Excavations by the 12th Ephorate of Byzantine antiquities have uncovered the first Christian house of worship in the walled city on this spot, namely the three-aisled Early Christian Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi (the remains of which can be seen through the glass floor of the mosque), as well as a small Byzantine-era cemetery. In the early centuries of Ottoman rule it was common practice for mosques to be built on the site of churches ”
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“MUD THERAPY The mechanism of action of the clay from Krinides during the treatment, is rather complex and complicated and is based on the use of "mature" clay. Application of the clay may be total or partial, by immersion of the body in it or by applying clay on it. HAMMAM BATHS Discover the benefits of a steam room, surrender to the curative properties of steam and gain energy and wellbeing. By using the hammam you can experience its beneficial effect on the skin as the pores open and the dead cells are removed. In addition, it offers physical relaxation by creating a nice sensation. MASSAGE Revitalize your soul and body, by enjoying a relaxing massage in our renovated space. Massage not only leads to relaxation but is also an alternative solution for pain. Many of the massage techniques help to relieve headache, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve blood circulation giving wellness to the body.”
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