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Best things to do in SS 2

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“A place to find eatery and drink! There a place who you can sing karaoke , proper buffet and sing together @neway karaoke. Night market on every monday!”
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“'Being a multicultural country, Malaysia food has acquired its very own uniqueness from the adaptation of different culture’s dishes. Murni Discovery has taken this identity one step further by adapting distinctive flavour & personality from countries around the world and make them completely our own. Since its establishment in 1999, Murni Discovery has been introducing creativity into traditional Malaysian food without compromising the Mamak identity. Treading between traditions & innovation, we invite you to discover the symphony of flavours with us.'”
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“*it the same areas as burger lab. If you looking for some cheap eatery around. You should definitely try this. Nasi lemak ayam for as cheap as RM5-6 and it good too but it only open in the evening.”
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“Local bistro. It very crowded at night here. Please be early or you will get disappointed. ”
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Shopping Centre
“The Nightingale: Excellent Pub with great decor, outside area and tasty plates. Best pub in town.”
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Fruit & Vegetable Store
“SS 2 is also famous for DURIAN! This place is featured with numerous durian stalls which offer buffet-style at affordable price. This could be your best dessert ever”
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“It one of the local shop and top 5 in tripadvisor. A must visit for burger lover or you should try it. It fresh!”
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Seafood Restaurant
“It's a drive out but they have good crab and chicken wings! Yes get the chicken wings. It's delicious! ”
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Flea Market
“Night market on every Monday evening start from 6 pm. Night market with lots of stalls selling local food, snack, drinks, clothing, accessories and more.”
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“A huge foodcourt with more than 30 stalls of your choice. Price is affordable too. From local to Western cuisine is widely available in this foodcourt. Tips: Good place for dinner. This food court operate from 6pm to late night ”
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Coffee Shop
“A nice and homely cafe which serves good coffee and cakes and very warm and bubbly waitresses.”
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“If you like local food, there is a food court famous among local. If you are Durian Lover, many stalls sell Durian like Musang King, D24 & etc... Every Monday is the Night market place for local to buy and eat, and not to be missed by you.”
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