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Top recommendations from locals

Art Museum
“The most important chapel of the old town,where you can ammire the masterpiece "Cristo Velato" by Giuseppe Sanmartino”
  • 320 locals recommend
“Is A very strong and intense experience walk on the cratere of vulcano spento it is sleeping .. but nobody knows for Many time ”
  • 91 locals recommend
“One of the most important archeologic museum of the world,above all about Roman times.”
  • 210 locals recommend
“Amalfi offers a wide choice of amazing food, trekking paths, kayak tours, beaches but at the same time cultural tours . To visit is the majestic cathedral in Piazza Duomo, the Papers Museum and the Emerald Grotto.”
  • 107 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“The most famous Island of the Gulf. One day trip to visit Capri, Anacapri, blu Grotto.”
  • 82 locals recommend
Historic Site
“the incredibile tour in the underground of the city,very intresting and exciting. Go deep for 30 metres and discover the old rest of the Greek city.”
  • 149 locals recommend
“Pompei is a unique place in the world. The ancient city of Pompeii is the most visited archaeological site in the world thanks to the well-preserved remains of the city buried by the volcanic eruption that in 79AD. caused its tragic end. ”
  • 61 locals recommend
“The oldest castel of the town. The Legend says that Virgilio hid an egg in its foundations that Is capable to keep standing the entire fortress.”
  • 119 locals recommend
“Via Toledo is one of the most famous shopping streets in Naples. In addition to the famous and beautiful metro, it leads directly to Piazza Trieste and Trento and Piazza del Plebiscito. By the way you can find clothes shops of the most famous brands and artisans. A vast and delicious gastronomic proposal: pizza, fried food, desserts and fried pizza. I recommend the sfogliatella from Pintauro and the pizza from Gennaro Salvo.”
  • 105 locals recommend
“A nice Piazza to hang out for an aperitivo! You should try the Aperol Spritz by Bar del Lepoga (Da Peppe 6-9pm), it's really good and convenient. It's getting crowed, especialy in the weekend around 23/ 24 pm.”
  • 141 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“The temple of pizza Margherita and Marinara. You can eat only this two kinds of pizza!!”
  • 141 locals recommend
“The Palazzo Reale is a historic building which is very pleasant to see. Although the piazza is very mesmerizing, it also leads to the ocean which again offers gorgeous views and a relaxing stroll along the seashore. ”
  • 90 locals recommend
Opera House
“The most beautiful theatre of the world is 10 minutes walking from Mariolina Amato Art Gallery! Don't lose the visit!”
  • 120 locals recommend
“This is one of the best choices in Naples, with a spectacular Museum and garden around where lie with magnifique landscape. Then there's the wood where you can walk or run for long miles... I really love it! ”
  • 91 locals recommend
“It covers an area of ​​approximately 92,000 m² at 150 m above sea level, on the promontory of the hill of Posillipo [2], which is crossed by the cave of Seiano under the park.”
  • 89 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“We are the ideal restaurant for organizing group lunches, banquets, birthday parties or small groups, our traditional cuisine makes all our diners fall in love, full of Mediterranean tastes and flavors always presented in their maximum freshness. And also, you can attend the waiters' show with lots of music and dancing. A few minutes walk from Casa Carmela.”
  • 149 locals recommend