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Best things to do in Copper Mountain

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Super close to Frisco. I would advise taking the Summit Stage and getting dropped off at the base of the mountain. Why drive and lug those skis and boards.”
18local recommendations
“Free Parking with shuttle service to the mountain. Live music at Jack's Place after skiing. Access trails for mountain biking/hiking in the summer.”
11local recommendations
“Great terrain, nice lift area and a short drive. Even better, no vail corp prices!”
8local recommendations
“Located on main floor of Mountain Plaza Building. Both Indoor and Outdoor seating. Fantastic location at base of mountain.”
7local recommendations
Night Club
“From their website: "Adrenaline seekers are guaranteed to get their fix in winter and summer as the Rocky Mountain Coaster, created by the Aquatic Development Group, features an average 11 percent downhill grade allowing the carts to reach a max speed of 25 mph. For those seeking a mellow meander through the forest, the cart’s manual hand brakes give riders the freedom to go at their own pace. To access the coaster, guests can simply walk towards the American Flyer lift in Copper’s Center Village."”
5local recommendations
Fire Station
“Great skiing and tons of entertainment for kids/families all year long. Especially the Summer!”
35local recommendations
“Definitely the best BBQ in Summit County! They smoke their BBQ daily and have a pretty good lineup of beers on draft. After skiing it's the one dependable spot for great live music as the lifts close. In the summer, they usually have a great promotions associated with the golf course (JJ's is right by the clubhouse!). Try the sirloin steak salad and wings!”
6local recommendations
“As a vegan, its tough to find a good meal in most ski towns but I can always depend on The Incline’s Ultimate Garden Burger. Dont miss their fries-they are amazing! Its the best place for apres ski happy hour too. ”
5local recommendations
Point of Interest
“Winter Skiing, sledding, coaster, restaurants, shops, etc. Summer fun for the family, coaster rides, zipline, mini golf, go karts, bumper boats, etc.”
4local recommendations
Grocery or Supermarket
“Its convenient, pretty well stocked and within a 2 minute walk from the Copper Cabin if you really need a loaf of bread and dont want to take the bus or car to Frisco, go for it. But, you will pay dearly for that loaf. I would suggest hitting up Whole Foods or Natural Grocer in Frisco instead.”
3local recommendations
American Restaurant
“Our favorite restaurant in all of Copper. Cozy fireplace, live music on weekends, some local food options like Bison and Elk often on the menu. ”
1local recommendations
“OMG...who doesn’t love made-to-order mini donuts? Its my secret guilty pleasure that I treat myself to after a really cold day on the slopes. They are actually really good after a warm day too. And, since they open at 7:30 am sometimes they are even the right thing to do before a day of skiing.”
3local recommendations
“They have much more than coffee - they have baked goods, parfaits, sandwiches on a paper menu (not on the overhead board). They also have wine! ”
2local recommendations
“Nothing trendy or stuffy about this bar, thats whats special about it. Its known to be a locals hangout so if you need some insider info about the mountain, this might be the place to do some recon. And-whats better than a 1 minute walk back to the Copper Cabin after a few drinks?”
1local recommendations
“Sushi specials on Sunday nights typically. Sushi is better than you might expect in a small mountain town. ”
2local recommendations