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Traditional Korean House

Private room in house hosted by Han
4 guests2 bedrooms1 bed1 shared bath
Enhanced Clean
This host committed to Airbnb's 5-step enhanced cleaning process.
Self check-in
Check yourself in with the lockbox.
Han is a Superhost
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Great location
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House rules
This host doesn’t allow parties or events.
House more than one hundred years.
good place for art or martial art.
Lake, stream, mountain, sea, no factories and not many tourists and commercialism.
plz enjoy stars and Korean traditional music concert.
Children are also welcome~

The space
An old house do not be destroyed during the 1910~1945 Japanese invade, 1950-53 Korean War.
Most of the houses in Korea were destroyed or built a new.
The owner wanted to protect the old house.
Here, writers, scholars, and martial artists in the world talk and learn from each other. Even if they're famous, they're treated the same here.

when you make too much noise of smart phone or trash,
kill insects, you can't come.
This is very old traditional Korean house.
Sorry but there is no TV, there is no clock and Calendar. oven, no starbucks, shopping mall, mcdonalds etc. here is not big,fancy or convenient place. there is noisy of dogs, baby crying, birds, neigbors. dirty and colder than city life.
if you don't want, i suggest the other places like Han-ok Bukchon or Insadong in Seoul or Jean-ju sincerely.
This house is the only real korean old house left around here. it is dirty and old but we love it.
We collected money to protect this house and We are proud of that.
We are not rich. But I believe that voluntary poverty can be an alternative to seven billion people.
many people send message include friend's friend but we can not accept that all.
and sorry about if we can't accept you and our reply is always late.

photos are not same with real.
guest's comments are not same with real.

Can come by KTX or bus without need of ship or plane.
a climate similar to Jeju Island
Raccoon, various birds, rabbits, mudflats, lakes, valleys.
The mountain is five minutes away.
a traditional music performance
a market day for two or seven days
Hosted across the yard, single-chamber,
Automatic application of discount rate due to the large number of long-term residents,
It's south. Warm.
with few tourists
Factories, motels, tall buildings,
a small volume of commercialism
Writing at a cafe looking at the snowy sea
If you're lucky, fireflies, meteor observation.
off-season prices
Plum blossoms in spring, wild cherry blossoms of wild cherry blossoms
dogs and Jindo dogs
Autumn recommendation to lie down and look at the stars and drink.

Most people visit here for activity.
One Day Class / Adventures and Activity - Time / Place / Cost / Age )
Ten dollars per class per person.
I opened these classes to share my best experiences.

- Lying in a lake or sea and seeing stars (even if you can't swim) - 1h / Sea or lake / 10d / 15y~
-Swimming. -How do you survive? (When it's cold-- Indoor)
-Women's self-defense techniques-- Traveling abroad or protecting themselves in the city. - 1h / Home / 10d / 12y~
- Night hiking. - 40m / Mountain / 10d / 15y~
- Feeding the chicken. - 10m / Home / Free / 5y~
-long bow experience, short distance - 10m / house / 10d / 10y~
-Tai chi -an easy and economical way to invest in health, not a difficult and boring way.
-Try traditional drums. -Let's play Jindo drums.
training to help oneself and others in case of an energy

(Easy Course)
How to Deal with Disasters and Accidents
Physical training

(challenge course)
How to Deal with Disasters and Accidents
Physical training
Writing a bleeder,
Start by putting your phone, money, laptop, food, etc in a box.
You can't change your clots, you can't wash them.
You will lie on the ground thinking of your own death.
You can give up any time.

-Pain relief through tea, subsection and acupressure. -1h / Home / 10d / 10y~
- Martial arts - Sword, bong, nunchon, empty hand, tonpa (optional) new experience! - 20m / Home / 10d / 10y~
-Consultation. -Consultation over solution suggestions. -1h / Home / 10d / 10y~
- Improved self-control through meditation-different meditation and other meditation- 1h / Home / 10d / 15y~
-Watching the moon with a small telescope. -30m /home /free /10y~

------------- Additional fuel costs are required -----------------------------

- Ridgeway Rock climbing (no equipment required,
Long pants, sneakers are required. - 3h / San / 10d / 15y~
- Observation of noctiluca shining in the sea (affected by the weather) - 1h / Sea or Lake / 10d / 15y~
-Children's Forest Kindergarten - 2h / San / 10d / 4y~
-Mudflat guide (not a marine product collection experience) -1h / Jindo mudflat / 10d / 10y~
- Nature, History Guide. - 1h / Jindo / 10d / 15y~

You can choose the course and it takes about an hour.
Sometimes it can be impossible depending on the situation.
You don't have to take classes.
Try meditating, walking, training, writing, and drawing here.
Obviously, life starts to change under the surface.
all activities are donation for war orphans.)

or you can~
-Experience eating Puffer fish in restaurant (The cook has a license.)
-Experience Sweet and sour chicken and traditional jindo red liquor.
-Experience Korean sauna.
-Bird watching. near by mud beach or mountain.
-riding slide Sled in park.

You don't have to have an experience class.
Try laughter, meditation, walking, training, writing, and painting here.
Obviously, life starts to change under the surface of the water.

-rest room is not old style, you can take a shower.
-lovely jindo dogs in jindo dog park
-if you want a bed, there is another room (sometime it is not empty)
-Just a 5 minute walk to mountain.
-almost FRI 6:40, SAT 2p.m. - there's a free Korean traditional music concert.
(there is class for long term guests)
-Every 2,7,12,17,22,27th in a month, there is a traditional market.

if you want to go jeju, you can take ferry near by bridge. 우수영the time is 14:30 , fee is 29200w it take 1h 40min. you can book ship on line.\

If the profile picture is not real, it may be difficult to make a reservation.
You can rent a guitar for free on rainy days

This is a question for everyone.
If you don't want to answer, you can cancel your reservation. I fully understand it because it happens all the time.

--Have you read the description here?
This is not a special or good place. You can go to another accommodation, but why do you want to come here?
1. Just curiosity
2. The pictures are pretty.
3. Because of what other people say,
4. Another reason

-- Do you make a lot of noise and trash?
-- Are you a person who doesn't keep promises and doesn't clean up?
-- Do you kill a creature because it's gross or take pictures without permission?
-- Can you take care of a baby or a chicken here for about 20 minutes?
--What do you enjoy the most these days?
--What are you proud of?
--Do you have long pants, waterproof jacket, emergency medicine, sneakers?
-- Can you keep a secret about the places you know here?
-- What would you like to learn or experience here?
--(Please write down how many people / date / time / subject you want)
--Can you stay without sweets, cell phones, laptops, coffee, meat, alcohol and cigarettes?
-- What's the hardest thing to disconnect?

This is not a profit-making accommodation and I don't want to be a super host. However, the host is absorbed in the creation and wants to meet good friends and be helpful.

Therefore, the majority of reservation requests are rejected. It is not always rejected because of the above answer because the schedule overlaps with a friend who is supposed to come through a different route or the other lessons on the host in the yard.

Thank you.
how to come

1. To Jindo Terminal at once by express/intercity bus
2. To Mokpo by KTX,
Buses from Mokpo to Jindo Terminal (1 hour)

Bus ride from Jindo Terminal to Oilsi (10 minutes)
Please ask the bus driver or people around you about the bus that goes to Oilsi.
Walk from 'Oilsie' to my house for 10 minutes.

Questions from other guests

We have more than 3 guests. What should we do?
- If you look at the progress of B&B, there is another accommodation in the same place. It's the next room. If it's empty on the date you want, you can make a reservation.

2. Isn't it cold in winter?
- It's a yellow clay house.
We use an electric heater. It's warm in the south,
People who live in apartments can be cold.

3. Do you have hot water?
- We only use hot water in winter, but we'll prepare it for those who get cold easily (sometimes when using a coffee pot for reasons such as malfunction or oil).

4. Is the sea close?
- The sea is close, but if you go to the beach, it takes about 15 minutes by car. Some people go on their own bikes.
Jindo is good for children because the sea is as calm as a lake and the beach is shallow. Because it is surrounded by small islands.

5. What kind of animals are there on Jindo Island?
- I meet raccoon, elk, etc. at night.
Please drive slowly when you come at night.Jindo dogs are very friendly, but if you touch their owners without permission, they can become aggressive, so be careful. If you see a rabbit in the village, it is a wild rabbit/ there are swans, wild geese, hawks, and horses on Jindo Island. Don't hunt them and enjoy their beauty.

6. Can I go with my dog and cat?
- Staying together in the room is not allowed.
But if there is no damage to the person next to you, it is possible to stay in the yard.
And when the host's time is available, he can do a dog siter of 3,000 won an hour.
(However, this place raises chickens in the yard to get eggs, but when a dog attacks them, they don't lay eggs. )

7.B&B is my first time, so I can't pay for it. What do we do?
- You may have to contact B&B. There are people who send their personal phone numbers as a message, but they appear to be hidden by the recipient, and when the reservation is complete, you can automatically see the contact information of the host.

8. I'm going to Jeju Island, is it close?
- There's a port 20 minutes by car, and of course it's cheaper than a plane. If you want to go to Jeju by ship, check the Internet in advance. If it's difficult, we can help you make a reservation here.

9. Is the bathroom conventional?
- There are conventional toilets and new toilets. As shown in the picture, the new toilet has a shower and a flush toilet.

10. I just want to experience one thing, how is it possible?
- Yes, please send a message in advance of whether you are a child or an adult or how many people there are.

11. What do we learn in self-defense classes?
- Anyone can learn self-defense and current law, the danger of self-defense, the ability to cope with emergencies, create a barrier, secure escape, and secure evidence.

Can you lie down and see stars when you can't swim?
- Yes, we lend you the men's and women's 1 life jacket.
(It may not fit you.
If you have your own, you'd better bring it with you.

13 Is it possible to extend the period of stay and experience?
- Yes, but there are people coming through other channels besides B&B, and we can't give you a pre-determined answer because the host doesn't have the Internet.

14. Can we cook?
-Stove and tableware are shared by guests.
Please refrain from excessive noise and trash.

15. Can I rent a car?
- Yes, there were people who rented at Mokpo Station, and people who rented at Jindo-eup and around the terminal. You can inquire after looking at the Internet for more information.

16. Can I use a house by myself?
- Sometimes there is a guest in the next room.

17. How do guests usually eat?
People who have cars usually eat in town.
There are many people who buy breakfast near the terminal or eat bread from the bakery.
Many people walk a little for lunch and dinner to go to a restaurant in Oilsi.

18. Isn't taiichi or martial arts difficult to learn?
-There's something you can learn even for a short time.

How many people can stay?
The room is small.
Two adults and one child are the maximum number of people in one room.

The guest is responsible for the damage caused by not reading the above carefully, so please read it and send a message.

Guest access
-free entrance and exit to the building
-shower and bathroom with shampoo and body wash
-free towel rental
-stove, a few bowls, plates, spoon, chopstick rental (except gas)

if you have a car you can park near by Two-story building (second floor is white) with korean flag.

At the post office or convenience store near my house, I get 100 percent free wafers and sometimes at home. However, I recommend training without using the Internet.
Should run boiler, separately, using hot water.

Other things to note
2 people is maximum in our room.
plz take your shoes off in your room.
jin-do sea is like calm lake and beach is not deep so good for kids. because it surrounded by small islands.
you can experience riding a horse.
fish market and sushi (near by terminal) is not big but fresh, it sold out easily.
if you want to go je ju island by ship, pls check time table in internet.
we met water deer and racoon at night on the road, so if you drive at night, pls drive slowly.
jindo dog is very friendly but don't enter or touch their owner , they could aggressive.
fruits are expensive except locals.
in these days almost people don't eat dogs.
wearing swimwear except the beach is frowned on.

If you decide to come here, you have already begun your journey.

My calling is to have people re-light the traveler.


Seminar on 'Right not to be deserved'

a general outline
Seminar for women who have felt the limitations of relying on someone to deal with the growing number of unsolicited crimes and crimes against women, or the limitations of the gym, or who want to approach more practical ways.
Because this instructor was weaker than anyone else, she sympathized with each and every one of them and taught them contextual and personalized lessons.
The advantage is that it is that it is possible.

Target age - no relation
Origin and athletic career - no relation
Course - Choose from Easy Course, Basic Course or Hard Course
Equipment Purchase - None
Uniform - no need
Lecture fee- 1 hour 10,000 won (no classes are held off and classes can be stopped whenever students want)

Defects of self-defense, rape in video, and the blunder and thread of dealing with unquestioned attacks.
Customized self-lifting methods, courage building, customized technical training, daily tool utilization skills, must-know laws, failure analysis,
Analysis after self-monitoring

Classes in open spaces, no physical contact like jujitsu, and it is recommended that you bring your usual edge clothes and bags for training and practical practice.
The maximum number of people who can take classes together is three.

Application Method -

Desired date, time-( )
Sync-( )
Name- (you can write it down as a nickname)
Age group- (you don't need to write it down correctly).
Number of personnel-- ( )


Schön, Sie kennenzulernen.
Ich bin Kim.
Ich bin Schriftsteller.
Ich habe zwei Kinder.
Ich habe Freunde in Deutschland.
Aber mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.
Tut mir leid.
Ich habe es vergessen.
Englisch ist ein bisschen besser.
Bleib wie bei einem Freund.
Vielen Dank.

Bienvenue en Corée.
Je suis content de vous rencontrer
Je suis Kim.
Je suis écrivain.
J'ai deux enfants.
J'ai des amis en France.
Mais mon français n'est pas bon.
Je suis désolé
J'ai oublié ça.
L'anglais est un peu meilleur.
Reste comme la maison d'un ami.
Merci beaucoup

Добро пожаловать в Корею.
Приятно познакомиться.
Я Ким.
Я писатель.
У меня двое детей.
В России есть друзья.
Но мой русский не очень хороший.
Я забыл.
Английский немного лучше.
Будь как дома друга.


Bienvenido a Corea.
Soy Kim.
Soy escritor.
Tengo dos hijos.
España tiene un amigo.
Pero mi español no es bueno.
Lo siento
Lo olvidé.
El inglés es un poco mejor.
Es como la casa de un amigo.
House more than one hundred years.
good place for art or martial art.
Lake, stream, mountain, sea, no factories and not many tourists and commercialism.
plz enjoy stars and Korean traditional music concert.
Children are also welcome~

The space
An old house do not be destroyed during the 1910~1945 Japanese invade, 1950-53 Korean War.
Most of the houses in Korea were de…
read more

Sleeping arrangements

Bedroom 1
1 air mattress, 1 floor mattress
Bedroom 2
1 queen bed


Free parking on premises
Free street parking
Smoke alarm
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Hair dryer
Private entrance
Unavailable: Carbon monoxide alarm

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Gogun-myeon, Jindo, South Jeolla Province, South Korea

if you like fishing, I recommend yong ho ri

if you like to taste jindo yellow alcohol, I recommend hanaro mart (besides of terminal)

if you like to experience jindo traditional music, I recommend meung poom kwan behind the terminal. (5000w, thurs day, Saturday 7PM -check before you go)

if you want to go calm beach, I can recommend some places.

if you like historycal sites, I recommend Yong jang sung, namdo seak sung, jindo tower, museum in woon rim san.

Korean catholic church is near by the house.
if you like fishing, I recommend yong ho ri

if you like to taste jindo yellow alcohol, I recommend hanaro mart (besides of terminal)

if you like to experience jindo traditional music, I re…

Hosted by Han

Joined in July 2014
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  • Identity verified
  • Superhost
i hope to share my teacher's lesson. if you cannot control fear, anxiety, anger, greed, weapon, show off, they already control you. My grandfather's brother and my teacher are independence fighters. I am proud of it.My grandfather is a Confucian scholar and my maternal grandfather died while fighting with the North Korean army. They were my heroes and trained me hard. I also had a hatred for the invaders. and that's why i volunteered to task forces. I learned how stupid and weak I am through class. I studied trade and found that violence and money were related. So I became more focused on children and art. I started teaching at school and I writing fairy tale. My country was too focused on money and appearance. I wanted to show my children a slow and diverse Korea. and I wanted to share training. That is why I am here. Everyone lives as if they know when to die. However, everyone is a hopeless child in front of the test site. Some were yawning, some were crying, and some were laughing. Born and dead are the will of heaven, but I decide how to live and how to die. Life to leave soon. You could be my benefactor. It's all borrowed. Everyone goes where they are. I know you can't have it. I know you already have it. take daily exams like a trip make a daily journey a test 다들 언제죽을지 안다는 얼굴들이지만 막상 시험지 앞에서는 막막해지는 어린아이. 같은 새를 보아도 어떤아이는 하품하고 어떤아이는 울고 또 어떤아이는 웃더이다. 나고 죽음은 하늘의 뜻이나 어찌살고 죽을지는 내가 정함 얼마 남지 않은삶 당신이 나의 은인. 덕분에 굽은 등을 펼 수 있었습니다. 모두다 빌린것으로 제갈길, 제자리에... 가질수 없다는것도 알고 이미 가졌다는것도 아니까 매일의 시험을 여행처럼 매일의 여행을 시험처럼 해골 선배들의 씁쓸한 충고처럼 통장의 잔고는 알아도 인생의 잔고는 알수 없으니 서두르지도 않고 미루지도 않으렵니다. 미래를 위해, 아이들을 위해, 지금은 싸울때가 아니다. 你好 当每个人都知道死去的脸, 事实上,之前的试纸, 孩子变得绝望。 看着同样的鸟 有些儿童被打哈欠 一些孩子在哭泣 此外,一些儿童的是Utodo。 名护死亡雅意空 模组我为什么活着 所剩不多的生命 你是我的恩人。 由于 我们能够部署诸如歪。 那些借大家 Jegarugiru,在地方... 我也知道没有有 它也可以被看作是已经得到 随着测试的每一天的旅程 就像一个测试行程中的每一天 骷髅前辈 正如苦意见 也知道存折的余额 我不知道生活的平衡 不快点 こんにちは みんないつ死ぬ知っている顔が、 実際に試験紙の前では、 絶望的になる子供。 同じ鳥を見ても いくつかの子供はあくびして いくつかの子供は泣いて また、いくつかの子供はウトドである。 名護死は空の意味や どうして生きて死ぬは私定める 残り少ない人生 あなたが私の後援者。 おかげで 曲がったなどを展開することができました。 みんな借りたもの ジェガルギル、所定の位置に... 持つことがないことも知っている 既に持っていたことも分かる 毎日の試験を旅のように 毎日の旅行を試験のように スケルトン先輩たちの 苦いアドバイスのように 通帳の残高は分かっても 人生の残高はわからないから 急がず 这名称也得罪 怒らもないますよ
i hope to share my teacher's lesson. if you cannot control fear, anxiety, anger, greed, weapon, show off, they already control you. My grandfather's brother and my teacher are inde…
During your stay
Questions from Other Guests

1. We have more than 3 guests. What should I do?

there is another accommodation at the same place. It's next door. If it's available on the day you want, you can book it.

2. Isn't it cold in the winter?

- It is a house of loess but does not use wood. You need too many trees to heat up. So, although it costs a lot of money for electricity, we use floor paper plates. It's the south, so it's kind of warm.

Apartment residents should be prepared to come, because it can be cold.

3. Do you have hot water/warm water?

We only use hot water in winter, but we can turn on boiler machine for you.

4. Is it near the ocean where you can swim?

- The sea is close, but it takes about 15 minutes by car to go to the beach. Many people ride their own bikes.

Jindo is good for children because the sea is calm like a lake and the beach is shallow. This is because it is surrounded by small islands.

5. What kind of animals are there in Jindo?

- Meet raccoon on the road at night. Thank you for driving slowly when you come at night.

Jindo dogs are very friendly, but can become aggressive if they touch their owners without permission. If you see a rabbit in the village, it is wild.

There are swans, geese, hawk and buzzard in Jindo. Please don't hunt them and enjoy their beauty.

6. Can I go with an animal?

- Not living together in a room, it is possible to stay normal. But when they attack chickens, they do not lay eggs.

7.It's my first time to pay and so I can't get certified. What should I do?

You should contact B&B. If you are sending a personal phone number as a message, it is hidden from the recipient, and you can view the contact information for the host automatically when your reservation is complete.

8. Is it near to Jeju Island?

- Usuyeong Port is located 20 minutes ' drive from the hotel and is, of course, cheaper than the plane. If you want to go to Jeju by boat, check the Internet beforehand.

9. Is the bathroom traditional?

- There are traditional and new restrooms. As you can see in the picture, the modern toilet has a shower and flush toilet.

10. I'd like to have just one experience, would that be possible?

Yes, of course you can. However, it is not possible when the host is busy.

11.What do self-defense classes learn?

- Secure the laws that prevent the elderly from becoming the wrong rat in front of the cat, self-defense and current laws, the risks of current self-defense, emergency handling skills, and learning to run away.

12 I am not good at swimming, can i watching star on the lake?

- We can rent you life jacket.

13 I would like to extended period of time. Is it possible?

- Yes, but there are others who come through the route besides B&B and the host is not able to answer due to lack of Internet access.

14.Can I rent a car?

Yes, some people rented from Mokpo station and others came to Jindo-eup and around the terminal. You can check the reservation online.

15.Are there ATM or do I have to bring cash?
--there is ATM in convinience store in ohil see street오일시 However, the card may not be possible, so we need cash.

16.Can I take a taxi from the bus station to your place?
- you can take a taxi from the bus station but bus is better. (green bus from jindo terminal to 'oh il see' street)

17.The description says there is no kitchen. Where to prepare meals?
-guests prepare meals in front of room. you can make just simple meals.

18.Are there any shops or restaurants within walking distance?
-There are supermarkets, a few restaurants and convenience stores on foot five minutes away.
or You can buy the host's noodles.

19.can you give more information about activities schedule?

-activities (schedule- it is flexible.
i will let you know. when you come.
after experience briefly, you can choose practice that more or not.

20.How about garbage?
there is garbage can in front of village parking space.
You can throw the empty bottle into the garbage can in front of the house.

21. Can I borrow bike?
Yes, there is a small bicycle.

22 Can I learn basic Korean?

Yes, I have experience teaching Korean for 3 years.

23 Can I borrow your guitar?
Yes, here it is.

24How many people can stay?

Two adults and one child are the maximum in one room.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

-post office and Convenience store is free wi-fi zone and near by restroom has wi-fi in my place but Please turn off for peace if possible.
Gwangju and Busan also have buses that come here.
Questions from Other Guests

1. We have more than 3 guests. What should I do?

there is another accommodation at the same place. It's next door. If it's…
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Things to know

House rules
Check-in: After 12:00 pm
Checkout: 12:00 pm
Self check-in with key safe
No parties or events
Pets are allowed
Smoking is allowed
Health & safety
Committed to Airbnb's enhanced cleaning process. Learn more
Airbnb's social-distancing and other COVID-19-related guidelines apply
No carbon monoxide alarm
Nearby lake, river, other body of water
May encounter potentially dangerous animal
Cancellation policy

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