Westchester/Playa Del Rey

Beach bungalows and family homes house surfers and students in this low-key area close to the airport.

Although they are two distinct neighbourhoods, Westchester and Playa del Rey share one another's beach town attitude and academic-friendly atmosphere. Westchester's high-traffic thoroughfares give way to Playa del Rey's low-key coastline. Their down-to-earth vibe doesn't leave much room for super hip bars and restaurants. Instead, apartment complexes, beach bungalows, and modest, shingled single-stories share elbowroom in these two neighbourhoods connected by the ultra-urban convenience of nearby LAX airport.

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On the Map

Westchester/Playa Del Rey is bordered by Culver City, Lenox, El Segundo, Inglewood, Del Rey, South LA, Marina Del Rey, and Hawthorne

LAX Airport: 25 minutes by car or 1 hour & 30 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 20 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 30 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 15 minutes by car
The Grove: 25 minutes by car

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Westchester: Smooth Landing In LAX

westchester commercial street billboards kalmbach002

Surpass the stowed tray tables and moving walkways and you'll find yourself in Westchester, home to Los Angeles International Airport, Loyola Marymount University, and Lincoln Boulevard.

lincoln blvd los angeles kalmbach006
welcome weschester sign kalmbach001
california highway pch kalmbach038

In Westchester, Highway 1 turns into Lincoln Boulevard.

los angeles youth waving smiles kalmbach012

It serves as a student-friendly commercial corridor filled with approachable bars, easygoing cafes, and retail conveniences.

brick wall mural surfboard kalmbach015
deja vu psychic shop kalmbach039
street sign crosswalk bike kalmbach047
rex rent car businesse lax area kalmbach033

Two wheels welcome.

alejos italian dining lincoln blvd kalmbach025
retro car industrial area kalmbach017
skateboard feet calf tattoo kalmbach007

Four wheels welcome.

Playa del Rey: The Beach Town Just West of Westchester

the shack restaurant sports grill beachy dining kalmbach001

West of Westchester, Playa del Rey separates the bustling student-centric area from the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean.

blast surf skate playa del rey kalmbach009
penny marbles skateboard neon colors kalmbach011
gordons beer wine grocery family shop kalmbach043

Its atmosphere is advertently and fervently laid-back.

skate surf shop rainbows flip flops kalmbach010
playa del rey residents morning coffee outside table kalmbach018

Skate shops, coffee shacks, and beach boutiques form Playa del Rey's cadre of entertaining escapes.

fine food libations hipster spot kalmbach049
womens boutique window display kalmbach047
bakery chocolate pumpking kalmbach051
playa del rey tanners coffee co foggy morning kalmbach015

Scoot over.

La Playa de Playa del Rey

beach wild flowers scruffy dog kalmbach012

Playa del Rey's horizon line offers canines and their human compatriots vistas unlike most others.

playa del rey boardwalk jogger kalmbach036
sand seagull claw prints kalmbach035
beach yoga downdog pacific ocean kalmbach032

Soft sand sinks into blue sea at Playa del Rey as whitecaps wash somewhere offshore.

backpackers playa del rey beach sand kalmbach034
playa del rey beach biker boardwalk kalmbach054

The easygoing atmosphere of Playa del Rey's town reaches its beaches.

tower restaurant cloudy sky kalmbach029
outlaws bar grill culver blvd kalmbach050
convenience mart beach supplies buckets umbrellas kalmbach008

Convenience stores and seafood restaurants speckle its coastline.

yellow sunset beach people sillhouette kalmbach004

There are few things better than a Southern California sunset.

fireworks admirers night sky playa del rey kalmbach033

Except, perhaps, when it's paired with a Southern California spectacle of light.

Beach Housing In Playa del Rey

beachy mailbox bumper stickers roxy quicksilver kalmbach025
los angeles beach house kalmbach026

Beach cottages and coastal bungalows edge Playa del Rey's seascape.

art deco retro beach house kalmbach003
modern architecture home kalmbach053
community basketball court green lawn kalmbach023
simple family home american flag kalmbach055

Duplexes, parks, and remodelled two-story homes comprise this coastal neighbourhood.

westchester la sunset dog kalmbach030

Residential In Westchester

family home vintage rusted station wagon childrens toys kalmbach018

Separated from the beach by Playa del Rey, Westchester feels more suburban than seaside.

apartment complex westchester vintage car kalmbach014
slow children sign kalmbach011
community center garden kalmbach016

Slow-Children-At-Play signs and community recreation centres are prevalent along Westchester's residential streets.

westchester recreation center playground kalmbach043

The neighbourhood's rec centre features a public swimming pool, sports fields, library, and a weekly Wednesday farmers' market.

community public park kalmbach027
backyard garden potted plants kalmbach032
ballona creek wildlife preserve heron kalmbach016

Uniting Westchester and Playa del Rey, Ballona Creek Wildlife Preserve supports Los Angeles wildlife, including Bluegill and Blue Herons.

playa del rey wildlife preserve kalmbach017

Gone fishin'.

Here and Away: Los Angeles International Airport

airplane take off residential playa del rey kalmbach013

Los Angeles' International Airport, LAX, whisks passengers from tarmac to travel destination and back nearly every hour of the day.

lax airport sign kalmbach019
westchester sunset orange yellow sky kalmbach023
lax control tower daytime kalmbach021

The aerospace noise reminds Westchester's residents of their location in one of Southern California's most travel-savvy hubs.

lax airplane take off kalmbach020

Ready for takeoff.


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