Ephemera shops, sidewalk tables at organic restaurants, and hillside hiking trails nestled in Topanga Canyon's wilderness.

Homeopaths, naturopaths, and individuals forging their own paths collide in Topanga's canyon. As flower children rally on the roadside and artists sequester themselves in hillside homes, creative endeavours seem to effortlessly spring forth in this distant-from-Downtown neighbourhood. Snack on local granola as you hike Topanga's trails and cruise its coastline—just don't expect to experience LA's other kind of wild side unless you have a car.

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On the Map

Topanga is bordered by Tarzana, Malibu, and Woodland Hills/Warner Centre

LAX Airport: 30 minutes by car or 1 hour & 30 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 20 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 40 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 25 minutes by car
The Grove: 35 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Easy

Enchanted Seclusion In An All-Natural Neighbourhood

street protesters label gmos activists children devon0017

Civil activists and roadside rallies take root in Topanga, an all-natural neighbourhood in rural LA.

furniture store wagon wheel entrance devon0766
road cyclist canyon roads devon0763

Wagon wheels and woodsy escapes rest against the neighbourhood's canyon backdrop.

spiritual staircase new age store unusual things devon0674

Residents rest against the backs of simple chairs.

mountain people coffee shop devon0336
coffee shop hippy lounging dog devon0461

Dogs rest on their people.

pacific canyon environment friendly cleaners topanga0324

In Topanga, nature is your neighbour.

pebbles clothing boutique topanga canyon blvd devon0288

It's your front lawn and your backyard.

los angeles mountains nature forests wood logs devon0549

It's at your doorstep.

adorable beagle dog devon0354

In Topanga, nature is your best friend.

Topanga Canyon's Personal Business

topanga hidden treasures thrift shopping antiques devon0035

When it comes to commercialism, Topanga tends not to top the charts.

thrift shopping devon0049

Niche businesses that reflect the neighbourhood's created-in-seclusion attitude dot Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

jala jala imports balinese furniture warehouse devon0812
los angeles jala jala imports bali store devon0803

Thrift stores that attract treasure seekers from far-away locales and Balinese furniture warehouses that sell hard-to-find objects comprise Topanga's out-of-the-ordinary shopping options.

froggys topanga fish market devon0473

Topanga's restaurants feature live music on the weekends while its patio spaces often host rehearsals, wedding showers, and ceremonies.

inn seventh ray restaurant devon0710
inn seventh ray wedding ceremony devon0663

It's hard to find a more ethereal setting for a special day.

will geers theatricum botanicum theater company devon0592

Sometimes, characters seek out Topanga explicitly for its seclusion. In 1950, Will Geer, the actor best known for his portrayal of Grandpa Walton in the TV show, "The Waltons," was blacklisted from Hollywood.

will geers theatricum botanicum wooden bridge devon0554
will geers theatricum botanicum devon0600

He left the high-profile spotlight to build a botanical stage in the canyon. Around it, he cultivated a garden that features every flower ever mentioned in Shakespeare's plays.

topanga artsy coffee shop devon0379

End scene.

Between the Beach and the Mountains

topanga state park trail daytime devon0108

Topanga State Park is the largest state park inside a city's limits.

topanga state park forest trails devon0213
los angeles backbone trail devon0104

Just north of Los Angeles, Topanga State Park promises over thirty miles of hillside trails and heavenward views.

santa monica mountains runner sun setting devon0127

The neighbourhood stretches from mountainous clime to rocky coastline.

los angeles pristine beach pebbles devon0860
topanga beach surfers devon0894
surfing california late afternoon devon0889

In Topanga, you can access easily awe-inspiring biomes.

topanga beach lifeguard car devon0817

Cabins, Shacks, and Canyon Homes

santa monica mountains cabin devon0521

The canyon's all-natural appeal lives in every garden, shingle, and stone chimney in Topanga.

topanga forest cottage devon0514
rusted van old canoe forest devon0519

In any other neighbourhood, Topanga's bold residences might be making a statement.

topanga hills artistic abode devon0530

In Topanga, they simply fit in with their surroundings.

rustic mountain home devon0601

They serve as the perfect hideouts for bearded artists and winsome writers.

Canvases In the Canyon

great wall topanga public art devon0497

Creative people nest underneath the rooftops of their canyon homes.

topanga art tile store devon0734
topanga art tile store devon0738

Topanga's artists aren't reclusive, but they are often seclusive.

artist tile art devon0748

Sometimes, stealing away is the simplest art form.

graffiti covered santa monica mountains home devon0609

Even their refuges encourage expression.

painted angel statue topanga woods devon0318

Be still our beating heart.


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