Toluca Lake

This northwest LA neighbourhood blends classy, kitschy, and good old-fashioned family fun.

Private estates shake hands with milkshake-serving diners in Toluca Lake. An endearingly kitschy mix of contemporary refinement and nostalgic entertainment, this northwest LA neighbourhood trades the glitz of nearby Hollywood for the good family values of the 50's. Tucked into the San Fernando Valley, Toluca Lake's residential streets remain quiet even when Riverside Drive buzzes as the night begins. Navigating Toluca Lake is easy with a car—take a spin in an antique Ford and you'll fit right in.

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On the Map

Toluca Lake is bordered by Valley Village, North Hollywood, Studio City, and Burbank

LAX Airport: 35 minutes by car or 1 hour & 45 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 15 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Easy

Serene and Sentimental In LA's Northwest Suburb

city los angeles toluca lake sign crosswalk devon1447

What was once a ranch known for its peach, apple, and walnut orchards transformed into Toluca Lake, a nostalgic neighbourhood in northwest LA.

mother daughter orange tree devon1145
couple outdoor table cocktails devon1559

Tranquil and friendly, this San Fernando Valley neighbourhood nestles between North Hollywood and Burbank.

residential street cherry trees dad stroller walk devon1067
pergolina home garden store riverside drive devon1542
maple liquor store fine wine devon1271

Its quiet residential streets and small-town atmosphere encourage slow-paced living despite its proximity to high-action destinations like Hollywood.

los angeles valley picture perfect home devon1034
classic car driveway devon1130
toluca lake geometric home devon1103

Known for its All-American 50's-era ambiance, nostalgia rolls through Toluca Lake on four wheels.

toluca lake greek orthodox church1012

Diners and Drive-Thrus

bobs big boy diner neon sign classic car devon1804
bobs big boy hamburger mascot statue devon1869
patys toluca lake sign devon1458

Anchored by the nation's original Bob's Big Boy burger joint, Toluca Lake embraces its nostalgic reputation.

bobs big boy classic car show at night devon1814

The home of the double deck hamburger hosts an antique car show every Friday night.

father son old fashioned diner milkshake devon1908
toluca lake coffee diner outdoor patio devon1486
classic car show father son devon1942

MIlkshakes from the tin, spinning chairs, and counter-top bell service still do the twist in Toluca Lake.

patys diner counter devon1479

While some sentimental establishments look the part, others simply embrace the sweetness of the past.

sweetsalt food shop riverside drive devon1646

The face of the corner baker has changed.

gourmet homemade cookies bakery devon1604
sweetsalt food shop devon1654
strawberry macaroons devon1603

The excitement surrounding freshly baked cookies remains the same.

Modern Day Eats

priscillas gourmet coffee house devon1430

Not every dining establishment carries an air of 50's whimsy. Priscilla’s opened in a converted 1919 brick gas station over 30 years ago.

toluca lake coffee shop devon1353
priscillas coffee house devon1397

The coffee house remains a local staple.

mos fine food restaurant devon1794
don cuoco mexican restaurant bar devon1313
don cuoco mexican restaurant bar patrons devon1325

Cocktail bars, sushi restaurants, Mexican food hotspots, and trendy destinations pepper Toluca Lake's culinary landscape.

restaurant kitchen sous chefs devon1664
don cuoco mexican restaurant bartender devon1330
restaurant table party waitress devon2018
sushi restaurant customers devon2009
sushi yuza riverside place at night devon2014

Boutique Ideals In Toluca Lake

cinema secrets beauty supply art devon1739

Toluca Lake mixes its nostalgia with contemporary crispness.

cinema secrets beauty supply incense candles devon1692
cinema secrets beauty supply jewelry devon1710

Its jewellery shops, beauty stores, and stationary-makers adhere to clean boutique ideals.

home design greeting cards devon1746

Handwritten cards are the best cards.


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