Studio City

Television studios, yoga studios, and coffee connoisseurs take five near LA's popular amusement park, Universal Studios.

Cradled within the San Fernando Valley, Studio City's stylish small-town allure is equally adored by entertainment industry elite and elementary-school PTA leaders. In step with the trends, Studio City's main boulevards brim with organic soft-serve desert shops and yoga studios specialising in savasana. Staying in Studio City means you're separated from the coast, but getting to oceanfront destinations like Santa Monica is simple with a car.

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On the Map

Studio City is bordered by Hollywood Hills, Valley Village, Laurel Canyon, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Bel Air/Beverly Crest, and Cahuenga Pass

LAX Airport: 35 minutes by car or 1 hour & 35 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 15 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 20 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

Studio City: Stylish In the San Fernando Valley

ventura blvd daytime vw bug kalmbach081

Studio City's mixture of hip enclaves and residential escapes attract big-name celebrities, struggling actors, studio execs, and Los Angeles families.

residential quiet studio city craft ave kalmbach032

Quite possibly the San Fernando Valley's most stylish neighbourhood, Studio City rocks and rolls along Ventura Boulevard.

los angeles family neighborhood sidewalk kalmbach031
well dressed man workday staniloff025
women runner commercial street kalmbach033

The Boulevard's collection of taverns, sushi houses, shops, and cafes lend Studio City its ardent appeal.

laurel tavern american pub daytime kalmbach080

The neighbourhood was named after the CBS studio built by Mack Sennett in 1927.

cbs studio center radford ave kalmbach084
studio city office towers kalmbach086

The CBS Studio Centre is home to 18 sound stages and 223 dressing rooms.

cbs studio center gate c entrance staniloff011

Exit through the studio lot.

Studio City: Stylish Shopping

studio city businesses children store lush cosmetics staniloff047

Ventura Boulevard brims with upcycled thrift shops, vintage decor boutiques, and nostalgia-inducing toy stores.

studio city shopping boutiques kalmbach052
hoity toity boutique tujanga ave kalmbach056
bookstar barnes nobele staniloff038

Over time, its old-timey movie marquees transformed into bookstore billboards.

studio city bookstar staniloff021
bookshelves bookstar staniloff040

Barnes and Noble now stocks the bookshelves of Studio City's retro theatre space.

hoity toity unique womens boutique kalmbach057

Studio City: Stylish Dining

aroma coffee cafe neon sign long customer line kalmbach048

From espresso bars to sushi houses, Studio City's dining scene is exceptionally diverse.

henrys tacos stand tujunga ave studio city kalmbach036

Local staple, Henry's Tacos, recently shut its doors. They're slated to reopen just across the street.

sushi chef kalmbach029
family stroll sidewalk kalmbach073
sushi hand rolls kalmbach063
cycling couple coffee shop table kalmbach042

Like many Angelenos, Studio City residents often prefer patio seating.

business lunch break kalmbach067
vitellos restaurant italian tujunga ave kalmbach055
caioti pizza cafe los angeles kalmbach054

Venture beyond Ventura Boulevard to Tujunga Avenue and you'll be greeted with a myriad of diners, dives, and pizza-pie vendors to choose from.

ferrari olive oil company ventura blvd kalmbach069
dupars restaurant bakery kalmbach075
starlite room studio city moorpark street kalmbach034

When at a diner, always try the pie.

All-Natural In the Valley

nancy hoover pohl canyon overlook dog walking kalmbach005
los angeles hills nature walk kalmbach002

Living in the Valley has its advantages.

fryman canyon la nature kalmbach004

Nestled between rolling hills and lushly-forested mountains, Studio City boasts green space for miles.

betty b dearing trail fryman canyon staniloff059
betty b dearing trail fryman exercising staniloff060

Hiking and biking trails wind through Fryman Canyon.

studio city public park benches staniloff057

Even Studio City's river edge's are gaining green.

studio city wash staniloff013
dog walking wash walkway staniloff055
wash boardwalk public art staniloff053

The neighbourhood is transforming the wash's banks into walkable pathways.

los angeles sprawl mountains haze trees staniloff062

Residential Retreats In Studio City

house vintage truck kalmbach090

There's a reason why Studio City feels like home.

two level house lush trees kalmbach013
residential studio city old corvette kalmbach094
studio city home sports car kalmbach008

Wholesome family sitcoms like "The Brady Bunch" were filmed in the neighbourhood.

brady bunch house kalmbach092

Studio City isn't all shrouded in nostalgia.

unique architecture home kalmbach011
big modern house los angeles hills outskirts kalmbach006

The sculpted lines of contemporary homes contrast with the neighbourhood's natural backdrop.

mulholland drive lush kalmbach007

Weave your way up Mulholland Drive and view the Valley from great heights.

dead end overgrown green kalmbach021


Airbnb works with local photographers to capture the spirit of neighbourhoods all around the world. The photography on this page includes work by:

Rob Kalmbach

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Rob is an editorial & commercial art photographer based in LA. On a recent assignment to South Africa with Ghetto Film School, he documented student filmmakers. On the Airbnb project, Rob says: “I love exploring the City of Angels. The other day, I photographed in pouring rain, thinking the worst, but ended up with some of my best shots. The people I meet on a daily basis amaze me."

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Having studied film at NYU, Alex returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career in motion pictures but found a greater passion in the world of stills. For this project, through walking around on foot in a city normally traversed by car, Alex was immersed in a completely different town, engaging with people he never would have otherwise approached just to capture their unique experiences.