Silver Lake

Craft cocktail bars and urban reservoirs make their mark in Silver Lake, LA's epicentre for the ultra-hip.

Hang out with the indie crowd in Silver Lake, an Eastside neighbourhood whose cool atmosphere garners a cult following. Rock-and-roll attitudes contrast with refined homes in the hills of Silver Lake—it's these contradictions that keep the neighbourhood audaciously coy and always entertaining. Run along Silver Lake's reservoirs by day and swirl craft cocktails by night. If you prefer analogue to digital, Silver Lake will have you smitten in minutes.

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On the Map

Silver Lake is bordered by East Hollywood, Los Feliz, Elysian Valley, Mid-Wilshire, Atwater Village, Echo Park, and Hollywood

LAX Airport: 30 minutes by car or 1 hour & 30 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 25 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 15 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 30 minutes by car
The Grove: 15 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

Silver Lake: Relentlessly Hip In Los Angeles

retro hipster cowboy boots beach cruiser devon0059

Bike friendly, VW bus friendly, and rainbow friendly, Silver Lake's soaring popularity knows no bounds.

orange vw bus residential street devon0077

Northwest of Downtown and nudging up against Hollywood, Silver Lake's skyscraper-proximity and stylish mentality attracts artists, bohemians, and fashionable families to its bounds.

boutique shopping devon0033
silver lake grassy square fountain devon0060
corner store rainbow painted walls devon0006
cafe sunglasses indoor devon0011

Its boutiques, cafes, and boutique cafes reflect the neighbourhood's contemporary inclinations.

silver lake shopping street yellow road bike devon0046
artsy painted wall hipster girl devon0053
street mural motorcycle devon0003
homeless woman bike possessions devon0052
sunset blvd silver lake overpass

See Silver Lake by bike and you'll fit right in.

red vintage car southern california devon0030
red parked old car commercial silverlake street devon0131
los angeles orange public bus devon0019
graffiti school children devon0055

No stranger to public art and bold colours, Silver Lake's sidewalks steal the spotlight while its park spaces shower in sunlight.

silverlake dog park devon0085

Local Business In Silver Lake

circus of books magazines gay bookstore devon0133

Whether it's the corner store or the corner office, Silver Lake comes with one prerequisite.

car converted bonsai garden devon0017
bonsai plant sale devon0021

It must be colourful.

frankys barber boutique sunset blvd devon0048

Wall-sized murals, neon signs, and filled-to-capacity thrift racks characterise Silver Lake's shops.

puppy store window display devon0057
hair salon windows devon0051
home design store greeting cards devon0066

Stationary and sprouting plants aren't uncommon, either.

terrarium boutique devon0071
funky cafe coffee shop hanging glass chandeliers devon0128

Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard coalesce at Sunset Junction, an important area in the history of gay rights.

silverlake sunset junction devon0134

Sunset Junction is also home to the Sunset Boulevard Street Fair, an annual August festival that features live music and local food.

sunset blvd at night lindas beauty salon devon0126

Silver Lake's Artisanal Eats

millies cafe fresh jam devon0039

Silver dollar hotcakes in Silver Lake?

millies cafe established neon clock devon0034
cafe diner prep kitchen devon0037

In this neighbourhood, homestyle diners are local hotspots.

lamill coffee silver lake blvd gourmet coffee devon0062

Clean-faced coffee shops find their niche in the neighbourhood, too.

gourmet cupcakes display devon0045

Bakeries, creperies, and cupcakeries sweeten the deal in Silver Lake.

local cafe hanging paper colored lanterns devon0127

Fast food options still exist in Silver Lake, although most of them abide by slow food movement principles.

silver lake pub bar daytime devon0008
toms burgers sunset blvd devon0061
pub burgers sweet potato fries devon0010
beers on tap bar girls devon0013

The Reservoirs Behind Silver Lake

silver lake reservoir devon0075

Silver Lake needs no silver lining when it's awash in golden light.

silverlake walking dog reservoir devon0081
reservoir view late afternoon devon0073
walking path jogger devon0083

A mixture of two basins, Silver Lake Reservoir and Ivanhoe Reservoir, creates a natural escape in the neighbourhood.

silverlake reservoir view mercedes benz trees devon0097

Jogging trails and heart rate raising staircases provide residents with urban respites.

silverlake steep stairs water view devon0092

Homesteads In a Beloved LA Neighbourhood

craftsman home natural landscaping devon0028

The neighbourhood's homes complement their hillside locations.

los angeles quiet suburb greenery hills stairs devon0095

Steep stairways and winding paths snake up Silver Lake's residential streets.

cacti desert brush silverlake home devon0103
residences hills los angeles community devon0138
silverlake bungalow incline devon0026

Modest apartment buildings welcome those with less intention to settle in long-term.

apartments multi family homes devon0032
mattachine steps gay rights cove avenue devon0098
los angeles spanish style apartments devon0087

A year spent in Silver Lake is a year well spent.

residential street hills silverlake devon0137

The hills are alive.


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