Comedy clubs, corner stores, and quiet palm tree promenades right next to Downtown.

Despite its directly-next-to-Downtown location, Mid-City manages to feel strikingly suburban. The exclusivity of mid-century Mid-City transformed into a come-one-come-all attitude that is as equally celebrated in the neighbourhood's comedy clubs as it is in its corner stores. For quiet palm-tree promenades, Mid-City is the place to be. If you're eager to explore LA's notoriously late-night after-after party offerings, you'll have to take the bus.

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On the Map

Mid-City is within Mid-Wilshire and bordered by Westlake, West Adams, Culver City, and South LA

LAX Airport: 25 minutes by car or 1 hour 20 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 20 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 15 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 25 minutes by car
The Grove: 15 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

A Quiet Community on the Edge of Downtown LA

mid city haze palm trees residential street kalmbach007

Mid-City grew up as a quiet alternative to the constant traffic of Downtown LA.

mid city teenage couple kalmbach011

Its Downtown-adjacent location positions it for perfect city-center access.

daytime mid city street lamp kalmbach009
la brea ave orthodox jews kalmbach045
modern building los angeles kalmbach055
washington vineyard intersection los angeles kalmbach004

Wide boulevards, relics of 50s-era family estates, and small businesses characterise this mostly residential neighbourhood.

mid city man sunglasses hat kalmbach012 MRelease
kinder kids christian preschool kalmbach047
looks of love hair salon la cienega blvd kalmbach029
pinchers liquor market la urban kalmbach005

In Mid-City, neighbourhood businesses dress themselves in multi-story murals.

retro sign liquor deli lottery kalmbach018
la lakers legends mural kobe bryant kalmbach061
late afternoon los angeles overpass kalmbach006

In Mid-City, overpasses aren't overlooked.

schoolyard you are well chain link fence decorations kalmbach016

Stay well.

Community Delights In Mid-City

carved apple art farmers market kalmbach010

Every Sunday, residents join one another to celebrate local foods and the farmers and artisans that cultivate them.

gourmet farmers market food kalmbach036
mid city la farmers market kalmbach035

Fresh produce, baked goods, and sweet samples greet the palates of patrons at Mid-City's Farmers' Market.

local los angeles honey stand kalmbach038

The market is open every Sunday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

little boy carved california apple kalmbach031
tropical seafoods slauson ave los angeles kalmbach033

Eat well.

fresh eureka lemon limes persimmons kalmbach034

Stay well.

Entertainment In the Middle of Mid-City

comedy union las hottest comedy club kalmbach043

When it comes to all-night entertainment, Mid-City lets neighbouring Downtown do the talking. Still, one-of-a-kind gems have woven their way into the neighbourhood's fabric.

central los angeles theatre kalmbach053
vintage thrift store used books kalmbach013

Comedy clubs, theatres, and curiosity shops squeeze themselves between Mid-City's residential enclaves.

roscoes house chicken waffles kalmbach054

Local food legends have been serving neighbourhood favourites for decades. Order the #13 at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles and it might just convince you to extend your stay.

carne asada onions tacos kalmbach058
tacos burritos shop booth for one kalmbach059

Order at Lucy's any time of day.

lucys drive in mexican food open hours kalmbach056

Order at Lucy's any time of night.

Residential Architecture In Mid-City

pink fresco wall house fancy sports car kalmbach020

Mid-City's mix of housing styles reflects the neighbourhood's evolution over the past six decades.

los angeles grit residential street kalmbach015
a frame cottages escalade kalmbach026
mid city large cottage house sports car kalmbach023
blue vw bug quiet residential neighborhood kalmbach028

Mid-century estates, seventies-style ranch homes, duplexes, complexes, and planned networks of neighbourhoods represent generations of residential preferences.

la apartment complex kalmbach048
simple housing mid city kalmbach049
los angeles residence suburb kalmbach027
mid city la houses trees kalmbach024

Mid-City: Quiet After Dusk

bicycle street vendor selling decorations kalmbach040

Mid-City maintains its colourful atmosphere and calm attitude after the sun sets.

sunset playing guitar los angels skyline kalmbach002
night full moon blue sky palm tree silhouette kalmbach039

Love your (Mid) city.

love your city spanish street graffiti kalmbach042

Ama tu ciudad.


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