Its own city on the southskirts of LA, Lynwood's produce markets and plazas bespeak Latino roots.

Less than fifteen miles from Los Angeles, Lynwood fosters strong community ties and celebrates its robust Latino culture. Produce markets and panaderias pepper the area's quiet streets while crowds tend to gather in Lynwood's commercial hub, Plaza Mexico. So long as you have a little time, getting into and out of LA is easy—catch the Lynwood Trolley to the nearest Metro station.

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On the Map

Lynwood is bordered by Florence-Graham, Compton, Paramount, South Gate, Willowbrook, Watts, and South LA

LAX Airport: 15 minutes by car or 45 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 30 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 25 minutes by car
The Grove: 30 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

Residential and Removed from Central LA

lynwood water tower devon0607

Welcome to Lynwood, a city in south Los Angeles County with its very own water tower.

los angelesatlantic ave la playita mariscos y taqueria devon0887

From its culinary offerings to its Spanish language signage, Lynwood's Latino community enlivens the area.

angelos burgers hours lynwood devon0852
pepes pollo window counter devon0985
mexican restaurant tamaleria devon0789
plaza mexico shopping mall carousel devon0252

Shopping plazas and suburban amenities help define Lynwood's public landscape.

viva mexico cabaret restaurant night club devon0877
auto shop wheels tires rims los angeles devon0954
super cents store lynwood devon0897
ice cream truck devon0811
market spanish signs devon1016

Owning a car is easy in this south-of-the-city suburban refuge.

los angeles suburb parking lot devon0478

Plaza Mexico: More Than a Shopping Mall

plaza mexico fountain statue devon0518

Plaza Mexico reflects and celebrates Lynwood's cultural heritage.

plaza mexico shopping mall alter devon0098
plaza mexico carousel ynwood
lynwood shopping mall devon0086

Outdoor squares, fountains, and kiosks complement Plaza Mexico's diverse array of shopping and dining options.

view plaza mexico mall lynwood devon0434
toltec statue plaza mexico devon0117
shopping mall spanish architecture devon0539
quinceanera shopping devon0413

Boutiques specialising in Quinceañera dresses share Plaza Mexico with familiar shoe stores and pastry bakeries famous for Mexican-inspired flavours.

colorful high heel pumps devon0402
mexican pastries devon0409
c and s electronics stereo alarm plaza mexico mall devon0384

Plaza Mexico serves as a community hub and a convenient commercial destination.

entrance gates plaza mexico lynwood devon0485

Wholesome Lifestyles In Lynwood

lynwood city park children playing devon0760

A residential respite less than 15 miles south of Los Angeles, Lynwood's park spaces cater to the numerous families that call the area home.

public park tables benches devon0018
lynwood green spaces devon0917

Green space and blue swimming pools add to Lynwood's repertoire of wholesome amenities.

city lynwood rec center pool devon0677

Lynwood: A Walk Along Its Residential Streets

single family home chain link fence childrens toys devon0601

Little Tikes playsets and the remnants of hopscotch chalk colour the landscape of Lynwood's single-story homes and two-story apartment complexes.

small apartment complex van lynwood devon0771
lywood homes devon0468
chihuahua front yard fence devon0615

In Lynwood, backyards are big enough for little dogs.

los angeles suburbs residential area devon0774
lynwood homes daytime devon0036

In Lynwood, fences invite you in instead of shutting you out.

chihuahua mix dogs yard devon0632

In Lynwood, neighbours say hello.

To and From Lynwood

lynwood trolley devon0691
los angeles metro line devon0582

The Lynwood Trolley connects with the LA Metro bus and rail lines.

green line metro rail lynwood devon0568

It only takes a simple commute to reach the centre of Los Angeles.


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