Long Beach

Comprising several niche neighbourhoods, Long Beach sports beaches and bars, traffic and cars, and the arts.

Composed of several niche neighbourhoods, Long Beach is known for beaches and bars, traffic and cars, airports, seaports, and an earnest artistic community. Bordering Los Angeles along its southwest edges, Long Beach is located between the celebrity epicentre that is LA and the high-profile beach towns of Orange County. Between its industrial coastline and urban core, wholesome residential streets, commuting university students, and creative types with singular style infuse this autonomous city with energy.

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On the Map

Long Beach is bordered by Cypress, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Compton, Paramount, Bellflower, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, Wilmington, Signal Hill, Orange County, and Carson

LAX Airport: 30 minutes by car or 1 hour & 10 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 40 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 40 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 45 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

An Urban City with A Coastal Attitude

downtown long beach runner daytime devon0412

From the shores of its beaches to its inland expanses, Long Beach stretches a long way.

2nd street long beach bike cruiser sun hat devon0360

This south-of-LA-city offers a lot.

daves world famous burgers dogs long beach devon0161
long beach commercial street devon0316
la verne ave restaurants devon0368

Old-school burger stands, new-school cupcakeries, and schools of higher learning make their home in the city.

frosted cupcakery customer devon0377

A city of stark contrasts, Long Beach mixes a coastal attitude with urban sensibilities.

long beach skyline bay sun setting devon0613
long beach sand ocean devon0446
ducks lake cloudless day devon0009

Showcasing its industry and undeniable urbanity, the Port of Long Beach remains the United States' second busiest shipping port.

long beach harbor palm trees devon0753

Its oceanside location positions it as the perfect place for a seaport.

southern california kite surfers clear day cloudless sky kalmbach004

It positions it as the perfect place for waterfront sports, too.

windsurfer sandy beach kalmbach005
kite surfing pacific ocean kalmbach007

Live in Long Beach and you'll begin to understand.

classicpcar 2nd street long beach devon0331

Style comes standard.

Oceanfront Amusements

shoreline village restaurants lunch time devon0672

Long Beach's beginnings as a port town are still evident in its ocean-minded approach to entertainment.

long beach shoreline village shops devon0676
historic carousel the pike long beach devon0716
shore line village american indian shop devon0694

Restaurants, rides, and souvenir stalls line Shoreline Village's boardwalks.

long beach harbor parkers lighthouse devon0653

Old ships stay afloat as dining halls and entertainment destinations.

boat harbor sailboats devon0685
yacht long beach harbor devon0579
queen mary boat museum devon0609

The Queen Mary made her maiden voyage in 1936 and she now serves as a museum and a restaurant.

long beach museum art devon0837

Art museums, maritime museums, and aquariums offer visions of California's modern culture and deep sea escapades.

aquarium of pacific kalmbach039
aquarium of pacific long beach park kalmbach040
long beach harbor fishing boats kalmbach037

The Pike, Long Beach Pier's amusement park, stretches south from Ocean Boulevard.

the pike ferris wheel roller coasters at night devon0819

Long Beach's Fresh Markets

long beach farmers market devon0473

Five farmers' markets feed Long Beach.

apple stand farmers market devon0519
los angeles area farmers market devon0491
papas dogs food stand carne asada devon0549

They offer fresh produce, in-season eats, and never-out-of-season treats.

fresh produce cabucha squash long beach market devon0544
dachshund tied to pole devon0324

Student Lifestyle: California State University Long Beach

cal state long beach hedges sign kalmbach010

California State University Long Beach, CSULB or The Beach, adds scholastic diversity to the city's coastline and urban core.

walter pyramid long beach devon0247
california state university long beach sign devon0281
csulb campus kalmbach012

It serves over 35,000 on-campus and commuting students.

csulb campus art sculpture kalmbach016

CSULB is also home to the largest publicly funded art school this side of the Mississippi.

cal state long beach students kalmbach003
college student la dodgers hat kalmbach004
cal state long beach students kalmbach008
college campus book sale kalmbach005

Vox Veritas Vita.

The Quiet Side of Long Beach

long beach residential docks boats devon0341

Beach culture permeates Long Beach.

la suburb residential street green grass devon0229
long beach home devon0212

From the Spanish-style homes of Belmont Shore to the multi-story apartment complexes that rise from inland Long Beach, the city maintains its signature style and slow pace.

beach homes biker mailman kalmbach019
beachy neighborhood vw red van devon0356
belmont shore homes kalmbach026
classic car residential street kalmbach018

Long Beach residents become local legends.

don mare long beach resident guitar kalmbach020

Don Mare serenades from his front porch.

spanish revival architecture motorcycle kalmbach022
long beach apartment kalmbach023
painted car long beach homes kalmbach024

Bradley Nowell and the rest of Sublime once serenaded from Long Beach's Friday-night bars.

nice single family homes long beach kalmbach035

Long Beach has always commanded star-power of its own.

long beach boardwalk belmont shore kalmbach032

After the Lights Go Out In Long Beach

pike restaurant bar at night devon0932

Neon lights, patterned tights, and full sleeves characterise Long Beach's nightlife scene.

tattooed bartender night scene devon0980

Both laid-back and high-energy, bars are casual and cold drinks are consistent in Long Beach.

long beach bearded man devon1020
LongBeach Devon MRelease

It's a little bit funky and a little bit nostalgic.

pike restaurant bar juke box devon0977

Long Beach's mix of students, artists, and life-long Beach residents tip their glass to the town.

neighborhood bar devon1008
friends cheers bar long beach devon0982
nighttime biker commercial strip devon0873

Pedal gently into the night.


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