Highland Park

Connected to the rest of the city by the Gold Line, Highland Park boasts historic homes and local grocers.

If New York City's Brooklyn neighborhoods were bathed in sunshine, they might find their west coast counterpart in Los Angeles' Highland Park. Not too far from Downtown, this northeast LA neighbourhood is on the fast track to mass appeal. Historic homes combine with corridors replete with modern amenities and cosy bookshops tucked-away in secret corners. Despite its analogue attitude, Highland Park's evolution continues as it's propelled by another moving accouterment—the Metro Rail Gold Line easily connects commuters to the rest of the city.

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On the Map

Highland Park is bordered by Hermon, Montecito Heights, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Mount Washington, and Eagle Rock

LAX Airport: 30 minutes by car or 1 hour & 45 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 20 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 25 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

A Suburban-Feeling Neighbourhood With Urban Inclinations

highland park residential neighborhood kalmbach012

Unlike LA's Hollywood or Beverly Hills, chic doesn't define Highland Park.

figueroa street highland florist kalmbach030

As one of Los Angeles' oldest neighbourhoods, Highland Park defies the signs of aging.

highland park older residence yard kalmbach040
historical los angeles home kalmbach011

Its residents know that a neighbourhood facelift is unnecessary.

highland park avenue kalmbach026

They like their neighbourhood's lived-in and well-loved spaces.

father son highland park commercial sidewalk kalmbach057

Highland Park connects neighbourhood newcomers and generations-old Angelenos.

los angeles galcos old worl grocery kalmbach031
pupuseria restaurant kalmbach009
figueroa street torres barber kalmbach046

Its amiable mix of ages becomes evident as you stroll its main avenues.

figueroa street main drag highland park kalmbach041

Old school barber shops and tucked-away vintage shops line Highland Park.

highland park street murals kalmbach053

Murals and street art cover its facades.

black cat succulent plants kalmbach010
highland park painted wall mural kalmbach038
italianos pizza highland park motorcycle kalmbach059

Highland Park strikes a healthy balance between grunge and grace.

Hyper-Local In Highland Park

local bike shop window art kalmbach048
los angeles bike shop mechanic kalmbach049

In Highland Park, you're more likely to encounter shops owned by moms and pops than big-name retail players.

la pop hop books print kalmbach004

Pop-Hop Books and Print has written itself into Highland Park's neighbourhood narrative.

highland cafe hipster customers sidewalk seating kalmbach006

A good book becomes a necessity when a good cafe and a good latte await nearby.

highland cafe handsome coffee roasters kalmbach008
cappuccino design kalmbach018
coffee barista cappuccino kalmbach017
los angeles galcos soda pop stop kalmbach032


Highland Park: A Vision of Vintage

sunbeam vintage antiques furniture la shopper kalmbach023

Vintage stylings have always hung in Highland Park's closet.

classic car california license plate kalmbach028
old car residential highland park kalmbach007

Once considered the hot rod capital of Southern California, classic cars still lend their cool looks to the neighbourhood's countenance.

highland park record shop retro speakers kalmbach051

Some compare Highland Park's penchant for retro to the feel of San Francisco.

vintage furniture store kalmbach024
mount analog records music kalmbach052

Some compare it to Brooklyn.

galcos blockbuster sandwich cream soda kalmbach033

Some dare make no comparisons.

Getting Around Los Angeles

highland park metro rail station kalmbach015

As far as public transit in Los Angeles is concerned, Highland Park is well-connected to Downtown via the city's Metro Rail and freeway.

los angeles metro rail kalmbach014

Share a seat on the Gold Line and get going.


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