Eagle Rock

Old-timey diners, used bookstores, and one very special rock invite exploration in north Los Angeles.

Eagle Rock maintains a low-key vibe despite its soaring accolades as northeast LA's most lavishly rooted-in-bohemia neighborhoods. Jukeboxes still jam in the neighbourhood's returned-to-trendy diners and vinyl still spins in its used bookstores. This imperceptibly discerning destination is so copacetic, you'll forget you're in the movie-making capital of the nation until you see a film crew along its quintessentially quaint main boulevards. Take five, hike to the top of its eponymous rock, and breathe in crisp nostalgia.

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On the Map

Eagle Rock is bordered by Glassell Park, Glendale, Highland Park, Pasadena, and Mount Washington

LAX Airport: 35 minutes by car or 2 hours & 15 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 25 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 30 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Easy

A Brooding Enclave with an Endearing Small Town Feel

freeway entrance california west kalmbach034

Rising at the northeast end of the neighbourhood, Eagle Rock soars above the area's skyline and lends the surrounding land its esteemed name.

eagle rock building motorcycle kalmbach006

Since 1911, Eagle Rock has anchored denizens of counter-culture and offbeat-aesthetics to Los Angeles.

eagle rock juice co kalmbach008
juice barista los angeles kalmbach009

Throughout the last hundred years, Eagle Rock's popularity has ebbed and flowed.

la daves chillin grillin wicked good food kalmbach059

The au courant attraction for LA's artistically-inclined, Eagle Rock's movie-set worthy small-town setting lets residents feel like they live in an indie film.

casa bianca pizza pie kalmbach033
cindys coffee shop restaurant kalmbach016
eagle rock old fashioned diner customers kalmbach018

Nostalgically-dressed diners and cafes with countertop service fill Eagle Rock.

northeast la sidewalk skateboarder kalmbach046
eagle rock local shops kalmbach019

In this neighbourhood, legacies take flight.

sparkletts bottling plant building kalmbach061

Sparkletts was founded in Eagle Rock in 1929. Bottling operations continue in the neighbourhood to this day.

stop freeway poster kalmbach028

The community tends to be passionate and adamant.

los angeles streets motorcycle kalmbach062

Eagle Rock solid.

Explore Eagle Rock By Its Shops

the snivling sibling furniture kalmbach003

Vintage ideals rule the roost in Eagle Rock.

read books eagle rock kalmbach013
used book store kalmbach014

Used books, collectors items, and wicked good eats await you.

daves chillin grillin cafe kalmbach050

Sweet cafes boast sweet staffs who dig serving sweet treats.

northeast la cafe kalmbach044

You can take it slow in Eagle Rock.

chocolate kisses bakery window kalmbach021
los angeles coffee shop cappuccino kalmbach040
artisan baked goods kalmbach037

You have to when your coffee is pour-over.

eagle rock restaurant fresh flowers art kalmbach038

Even Eagle Rock's fast food is slow.

the oinkster slow fast food kalmbach051

Famous for their house-cured Pastrami and the purple Ube milkshake, The Oinkster defies the laws of time.

Eagle Rock Climbing

eagle rock view kalmback025

Appreciate Eagle Rock's natural wonder as you circle its switchbacks.

eagle rock canyon trail sign kalmbach023
nature park stairwell kalmbach057

Nature trails surround the eponymous boulder.

eagle rock hiking trails kalmbach024

Residential Eagle Rock

eagle rock blvd hill residences kalmbach005

Eagle Rock's housing options range from duplexes to complexes to multiplexes.

mobile home community kalmbach042
eagle rock house kalmbach026

Its quieter, palm-lined streets sleep at its foot hills.

tall palm trees lined street kalmbach007

Once upon a time, John Steinbeck wrote "To a God Unknown" in an Eagle Rock residence. His lease was $15/month.

eagle rock residential street classic car kalmbach032
two story home unique architecture kalmbach031
la suburb home vintage suburban kalmbach027

"I should have known," he whispered. "I am the rain."

dog walking residential neighborhood los angeles kalmbach010

You are the sunshine.


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