Atwater Village

Farmers' markets, family gatherings, and upscale shopping take place along the Los Angeles River.

More red wagon than red carpet, Atwater Village is a residential neighbourhood that focuses on farmers' markets and family ties. This northeast LA community has grown up since its days as a destination for the fashion-forward. Now, Atwater Village emanates a well-balanced attitude with a wholesome affinity for upscale shopping and down-to-earth dining along the Los Angeles River. To best enjoy the offerings of Atwater Village and its surrounding East Side neighbourhoods, choose a car.

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On the Map

Atwater Village is bordered by Glassell Park, Los Feliz, Glendale, Elysian Valley, Hollywood, and Silver Lake

LAX Airport: 30 minutes by car or 1 hour & 45 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 30 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 20 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 35 minutes by car
The Grove: 25 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Difficult
  • Having a car is Possible

Grown Up Style In Northeast LA

sew la sewing lessons fabric store kalmbach028

Atwater Village's knitting stores, bon vivant boutiques, and corner coffee shops and liquor outcrops line up between the banks of the Los Angeles River and the border of Glendale.

kopper keg verdugo mountains kalmbach011

The awe-inspiring backdrop of LA's Verdugo Mountains enhance Atwater Village's flat streetscape.

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road sign end kalmbach043
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dusk los angeles metrolink purple mountains kalmbach015

The Casual Gourmet In Atwater Village

atwater grill kalmbach032
los angeles baracoa cuban cafe kalmbach034

Atwater Village's cafes, grills, and restaurants reflect the neighbourhood's grown-up attitude.

la kaldi coffee hipster customers kalmbach006

Like its populace, the area's dining establishments blend casual atmospheres with trending tastes.

hugos tacos los angeles kalmbach010

Its organic taco stands offer vegan options.

atwater village farm kalmbach003
atwater village farm nighttime kalmbach008

From the outside, many of its culinary escapes appear ordinary.

atwater trendy coffee shop kalmbach046

Once you make it inside, you'll realise they're more like extraordinary.

bartender vintage bar kalmbach013

Shake it up.

Atwater Village's Local Lifestyle

local businesses jacknife records alias books east kalmbach022

Bookstores and baristas are more personal in Atwater Village.

atwater coffee shop barista kalmbach023

As the area has grown up, so has its fashion sense.

coffee shop store front window art kalmbach039
cafe leather couch kalmbach025
the little knittery la kalmbach036

The neighbourhood supports upcycled inclinations and expresses an affinity for the handmade.

memphis george jewelry atwater village kalmbach021

Dusk In Atwater Village

cactus garden evening kalmbach018

Come sunset, Atwater Village's single-story residences alight with rectangular illumination.

lights on front porch los angeles home kalmbach016
atwater village residences kalmbach017

Their warm glow only enhances the neatly-cultivated gardens that line their entryways.

old corvette headlight kalmbach040

Here's lookin' at you, kid.


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