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Using Zoom to host online Experiences

Whether it’s Drag Queen Bingo, an astrology workshop or cooking lessons with Italian Grandmas, there’s one thing all online Airbnb Experiences have in common—Zoom. In addition to hosting your online Experience through Zoom, you'll also use it to submit your demonstration for approval. Download it here.

Recording your demonstration

As part of the submission process, we’ll ask that you use Zoom to record a demonstration of your Experience. Here are some tips to make your recording great.

You can use another service to record your submission video, but we strongly recommend using Zoom, so that you can get comfortable using it to host your Experience.

Activating your new Zoom account

When your Experience is approved, you’ll be prompted to activate a new Zoom account in your Experience settings. This is a unique Zoom account that's linked to your Airbnb Experience—this new account must use an email address that’s different from any existing Zoom account you already have.

It may take up to 30 minutes after you complete all steps for the Zoom activation status to be updated.


Finding your Zoom link

Your guests will receive a unique Zoom link for each instance of your Experience on your calendar. There are two ways to find the link:

  • In the confirmation email sent each time a guest books
  • In the reminder email sent before your Experience starts

Letting guests in

Zoom's Waiting room feature allows you to control who joins your Experience by letting each guest in one by one. So if a guest shares the Zoom link with another guest who wasn't included in their reservation, you don't have to let that extra unpaid guest in. You can, however, request payment for the extra guest in the Resolution Centre.


If you’re having an issue related to Zoom, contact the Zoom Help Centre. If your guests are having issues, it might also be helpful to send them this article on attending online Experiences.

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