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Colosseum and Monti top stays

Wake up to a view of Rome's most iconic monument from some of these amazing stays in the Monti district
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Green terrace loft Colosseum
Price:$134.50 AUD / night
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Apartment with terrace Colosseum Centro storico
Price:$303.97 AUD / night
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Stylish split level loft + terrace-Monti
Price:$147.88 AUD / night
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Top floor studio apt with terrace
Price:$133.79 AUD / night
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Romantica Suite with terrace near Colosseo
Price:$150.23 AUD / night
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Price:$247.40 AUD / night
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Stylish Apartment with Courtyard in Monti
Price:$129.80 AUD / night
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