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Trastevere top stays

Find your home away from home in Rome in the charming Trastevere neighborhood
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I'm an Australian mum of 2 kids who loves to travel with family and friends. We travel for food and cultural experiences and love discovering out of the way and unique places. Favourite destinations - Italy, France and Australia
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Appartamento di Design Chic e Cosmopolita nel Cuore di Trastevere
Price:$148.14 AUD / night
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La Trasteverina Apartment Offers Rich Blend of Old and New
Price:$119.92 AUD / night
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Trastevere Luxury, ampia e confortevole location sospesa tra design e storia.
Price:$249.71 AUD / night
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Il Leopardo, the Baroque Side of Trastevere.
Price:$131.68 AUD / night
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Elegant Hidden Gem in the Heart of Trastevere
Price:$83.94 AUD / night
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Appartamento di design a Trastevere con terrazzo privato e vista spettacolare
Price:$329.19 AUD / night
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Appartamento Xystum: Scopri Trastevere con La Sua Magia!
Price:$203.39 AUD / night
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