Guide new Hosts, get rewarded

Become a Superhost Ambassador today and help build the Host community of tomorrow

Superhost Ambassadors connect with people who'd make great Hosts and guide them through welcoming their first guest.

Unlock earnings

We’ll connect you with future Hosts who could use your guidance—whether it’s about best cleaning practices or how to take photos guests love.
When a Host you’re paired with gets their listing up and running, you’ll get paid after their first booking.

Mentor on your schedule

Put as much or as little time into this as you have, and we’ll connect you with the right number of Hosts.
Airbnb team members are ready to help you mentor Hosts through tips, guidance and workshops.

How the programme works

Step one

Get approved

Will you be the next Superhost Ambassador? Apply today and tell us why you'd be an excellent fit for the programme.
Step two

Get connected

We’ll connect you to Hosts who want your help and provide you with access to tools and resources that can be used to help you answer their questions.
Step three

Track progress

Track the progress of your referrals, send motivating messages or tips to help them get their first reservation.
Step four

Get paid

When a new Host you are connected with completes their first reservation, you’ll earn a cash reward.

Support to help you earn

Exclusive tools

With tracking and helpful guides available on your dashboard, you'll know when and how to support your new Host connections.

Custom links

Create unique links to share with potential Hosts.

A community of experienced Hosts

There's a global community of Superhost Ambassadors within reach. Learn what's working for other Superhost Ambassadors or get feedback on your approach.

Frequently asked questions

Help shape the future of the Host community